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OMG – Twitter emoji search added 😱

Some of you will be more excited than others by this cool little addition to twitter search and the advanced twitter search tools. However, as emoji are widely used across all of the social platforms by brands and individuals alike, especially on Twitter where character limitations can hinder getting a point across – we thought you’d want to know, right? πŸ‘

Emoji can add context to a conversation, as indicators of irony, humour or perhaps sarcasm around a subject. They’re also perfect for rooting out conversations and users that have a brand engagement value now they’re part of the search function. So for example by using the pizza emoji in Twitter’s advanced search along with a location a pizzeria owner wishing to engage with or build followers in the local area can surface a highly relevant set of search results indeed. The search works both on Twitter’s mobile App and website – give it a try, it’s strangely addictive. 😳

We’re currently testing emoji combination searches to see if there are specific sequences that reveal better brand conversations than others, with some interesting results. We’re avoiding the aubergine πŸ† though… πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚!!)

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