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Influencer Top Tips

If your Social Media plan for 2019 includes Influencer Marketing then you're in the right place! Checkout our Influencer Top Tips: 

  • Anytime a social media influencer is paid to promote a product, they must disclose that this is the case. Most do this by including #ad or #paid at the end of the post or as a part of a video in order to comply. Research suggests that followers can react negatively to seeing paid posts, especially when there is no apparent relevance to the Influencer - so be sure the product “belongs” in the influencer’s lifestyle and content sphere in the first place


  • The ideal scenario is that followers of an influencer would never know the post was sponsored without the #ad tag. To achieve this requires that the influencer is able to exert their own creative personality and visual control over the post. Give suggestions, provide feedback, and communicate your goals, and then let the influencer do what they do best. They know their audience and what will work with them.


  • Influencer marketing works best when brands create strategic relationships that don’t feel like an influencer just being paid to promote something. Ask your influencers what they love to create and then discover together how to create a series of content pieces that tie what they love together with your brand.


  • Don’t expect overnight results- while popular influencers can shine a very bright spotlight on brands they work with very quickly, converting influencer-acquired eyeballs into lasting brand awareness and sales will realistically take time.


  • Think beyond straightforward sponsored posts- collaborate to create new uses or recipes for your product or allow your Influencer to take over your own social media channels for a period (Instagram Stories works best for this). This will convert your Influencer’s fans to your community far quicker than still images holding your product


  • Establish goals and execute accordingly- different brands want different things out of influencer marketing and it is important for brands to formally define goals when developing an influencer marketing strategy. For example, a brand that is primarily focused on driving sales will want to ensure that its campaigns are oriented around this goal. This could involve directing influencers to highlight key products in a range or stipulating that they promote time-limited coupon codes that encourage followers to make a purchase. If your focus is engagement make sure your influence is creating content focused on driving comments, likes, shares and views.


  • Tell your Influencer what success will look like to you. How will you judge performance?


  • Making sure your influencers are using clickable links in Stories. Collaborating with influencers in this way will drive high quality traffic to your website and your branded environment


  • The most successful influencer marketing programs are the ones where the influencer content is used beyond the original scope of the campaign to improve the ongoing performance of paid, owned and earned media. Make sure your influencer contract makes clear you will wish to repurpose content for use across wider media of your choosing


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