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INFLUENCER Q&A – Micro v Celebrity, the maths.



We’re back - we’ve got a brew on the go so grab yours, settle down and enjoy the return of our Q+A with our Micro Influencer Marketing special!


 So, we’ll jump right in with the first question Colin - What is a micro-influencer?

Definitions vary! Most people tend to try and define this group using follower numbers e.g. 10k to 100k followers etc. In reality micro-influencers, or “real life ambassadors” as they’re sometimes called, could have as little as 1000 high quality followers they exert a considerable degree of influence over and be viable from an influencer marketing perspective. The key point of difference is that Micro Influencers, as opposed to some of the rather more sanguine Celebrity Influencers, are much more highly engaged with their smaller communities, enjoy higher levels of trust and engagement consequently exerting a greater influence, albeit within a much smaller community.


Ok, so why are micro-influencers worth including in your Influencer mix?

By choosing the RIGHT micro-influencers and working with a number of them (we work with up to 50 at any one time for some clients), the overall degree of influence impact is arguably higher, more effective, better targeted and more cost-effective than working with one or two celebrity-level influencers with low average engagement rates and a timeline jam packed with product endorsement. This approach requires more legwork but the return on effort is well worth it when you analyse the results, it soaks up far less marketing budget. Also, the risk is spread – you don’t have all your influencer eggs in one crowded basket.


But how can you tell how engaged an Influencer is with its audience?

There’s a couple of tools you can utilise here. For a quick an easy assessment you could use Infuence Marketing Hub’s average engagement rate calculator This gives you a snapshot,  a percentage engagement rate based on an account’s last 12 Instagram posts. Typically the average rate of engagement for a micro influencer is considerably higher than for a celeb account.


Celebs v Micros - can you give a concrete example to illustrate the point?

Ok let’s say you manage a baby food brand. So ex Towie star and mummy blogger Amy Childs has 586K Instagram followers and a snapshot engagement rate of 0.67%. This compares with @mummy_archie who has 10.3K followers and an engagement rate of 5.16%. The numbers here suggest that whilst Amy Childs exerts greater volume influence (assuming her community is of high quality and is entirely focused on parenting issues rather than her looks or celebrity lifestyle) @themummydiary exerts a greater influencer per ‘000 community members. So if you can identify 10 similar accounts to @mummy_archie, with similar community sizes and engagement levels, then the crude maths suggests you will generate 35 percent more engagement than if you selected the celebrity option.

 Of course the maths are open to challenge. We can measure levels of engagement on timeline posts but Instagram is yet to allow us to snapshot the same data on  Instagram Stories, for example. But logic suggests that degrees of engagement are unlikely to vary wildly.


Makes sense – but what are the downsides of the micro-influencer, #gifted approach?

The biggest barrier to success is the admin and effort involved in identification, initial engagement, product supply, direction, monitoring, analysis and reporting across say 50 influencers at any one time. At Huddle, we’ve fine-tuned the processes and have a dedicated influencer team who control all aspects of the process, from sample despatch from our own warehouse through to campaign reporting - but for a lean in-house marketing team it would represent a significant resource burden and require some robust and timely cross-departmental co-operation. Unless the whole thing is joined up you run the risk of frustrating rather than nurturing your micro-influencer pool so we do consider using a specialist team like ours to ensure you reap the rewards – which are after all substantial!


And finally your top tips for ensuring you get the most out of your Influencers?

Glad you asked - it just so happens we penned a top tips blog only last week – and here it is!

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