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Social & Experiential should never work in a bubble. We take the time to explore your business and brand goals, understand your objectives and gain insights into market and audience dynamics – before developing strategy that integrates our creative and campaign development with your overall mission.


Our Analytics team ensure the measurement and insights we need to deliver optimum results are at our finger tips and your disposal. Competitor benchmarking, KPI tracking, macro and micro Social Media trends all fall within the team’s remit to ensure that campaign decision-making is informed by performance analysis.


Our Social Media expertise, built up through more than 6 years of specialisation and experience, is tapped into by a number of household brand names seeking truly informed strategic and tactical advice. We’re happy to work on a Consultancy basis to ensure our client brands benefit from the wealth of planning, practitioner and analytics skills residing within our team.


Unlike some we believe that sharing knowledge and transferring skills can help deliver ongoing success by bringing client and agency teams together to work as one cohesive unit. Whether one-to-one mentoring, working in seminar-style small groups or delivering lecture theatre sessions our trainers make it their mission to instil best practice that make a genuine difference to Social Media performance.


Video & Photography

More than ever Social Media consumers demand to be educated, informed and entertained visually. From IPhone photography to high quality long live-streaming productions, animation, motion graphics and all points in between, our studio team have all the expertise and resources to create great content that drives maximum engagement and influence.

Graphic Design

Design continues to play an important role in content creation here at Huddle. Our clients appreciate the value of well executed design ideas across diverse media, from print to video for web and social, especially where its contributions helps optimise brand engagement and preference.

Creative Writing

No dry Press Releases or dull Blog copy here. Our writers create stories, weave narratives and take consumers on a journey rich in expression and imagination. Whether it’s a script for a Facebook Live Stream or YouTube video or reactive Social conversation, we bring your brand story to life to captivate your consumer.


The partnership between Social and Digital is a powerful one in the battle for consumer hearts, minds and spend. Too often however a lack of joined up web and Social Thinking emasculates consumer promotions which is why our Digital team works closely with our Content, Community and Paid Social experts to ensure we deliver the best possible consumer experience and maximise ROI.



Our creative team thrives on the principle that new ideas can help fashion spectacular outcomes, but they can only do so when old ones are set aside. This approach means that every challenge is an opportunity to think bigger, better and more effectively, often using the element of surprise to create a step change in brand perceptions and consumer behaviour. So when we talk “Experiential” its invariably with a capital ‘E’.


If great ideas are the fuel that ignites success, planning is the engine that harnesses their energy to deliver successful outcomes efficiently and effectively. Our Campaign Management team works across disciplines and functions to fine-tune timings, manage deadlines and integrate activity in the pursuit of the best possible results.

Paid Social

The key Social Media Channels all offer increasingly focused and effective tools to accelerate reach, engagement, community growth, website traffic generation, app download frequency and offer delivery Our “boutique” and specialist Paid Social Media service (in contrast to the factory approach of large-volume Media Houses) ensures you derive the maximum benefit from your Paid Social media spend. Simply, we deliver results through Paid Social campaigns that leave conventional media outcomes standing.


Our ability to bring together genuine expertise in Social and Experiential, Digital and Design under one roof allows our client brands to enjoy the game-changing benefits of integrated campaign marketing – addressing awareness generation and preference propagation right through to purchase and loyalty.


Real Time Social

Live-tweeting can help brands raise awareness, increase engagement and crucially achieve a disproportionate share of voice where a hashtag conversation around an real time event is popular with its target audience. We go beyond simply posting content with the hashtag though – we pose questions, engage with other hashtag users and move your brand from being a marginal contributor to conversation owner and facilitator.

Live Streaming

All the major Social Media Channels now facilitate live-streaming, with Facebook very clear on its ambitions to develop a TV Channel build around commissioned and live content. That’s why we have a dedicated Live Streaming Team experienced in all aspects of planning, developing and executing successful live-stream programming from locations as diverse as the potato fields of East Anglia (see our Case Study Harvest Live!) to the coolest bars in Manchester’s Northern Quarter (check out our ground-breaking show #Warsteiner1753).

Social Sampling

Sampling is a tried and tested method for directly promoting consumer trial. Combining Sampling with Social Media, often in the form of Real Time Social, can transform activation ROI by simultaneously converting positive consumer reaction into Social amplification and Influencer marketing. We do this by embedding Social Media expertise into hand-picked Sampling Teams trained not only to positively engage the consumer but create great Social content at the same time. See our Nurishment/Play Expo Case Study for a great example of this!

Event Management with Social

These days Event Management with no prominent Social Media Strategy embedded in it is like a car with a flat tyre. It will work at a fraction of the required efficiency and leave you disappointed at the pace of positive change it has achieved. Fortunately our Event Management Team knows how to create manage and execute successful events where Social plays a significant role in building anticipation, audience attendance and brand story reach as a result of real time Social Media activity during the event itself.